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Each episode Amy R Brooks will talk with a newly published author or a writer who is just starting their book journey. Listeners can eavesdrop on conversations about identifying the ideal reader, writing when you don't want to, finding the perfect editor, working with cover designers, formatting for print vs. ebooks, and so much more! Amy also interviews industry experts from time to time so you can learn tips and tricks to save you time and money as you work on your book.
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Dec 9, 2017
Escape from it all and join me as I talk with Hayley Hunter Hines!
Learn about all of the different tools resources and practices Hayley uses to create a magical way of life she calls Soul Sparkle Living and how she’s putting everything together in her new book, “Soul Sparkle Living: Your Guide to Creating a Magical Life."
We talk about doing life beautifully, magically, with ease, grace, space, and simplicity. Hayley wants you to know how you can live your most magical life...and so do I!
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Connect with her at:

Facebook: Hayley Hines

Nov 30, 2017

Listen in as Steve and I discuss the transitionary time in our country and politics and how he’s planning the formatting and trajectory of his book. His book is about current events that won’t necessarily have a conclusion before his book is complete, so we discuss ways of forecasting and tying everything together in a satisfying way for the reader.

Steve Nathan is the author of the upcoming book “Bridging the Political Divide “. He has run for State Senate, and has worked on a number of political and issues based campaigns. He currently has his own consulting practice, “Strategic Campaigns” based in New York City. He specializes in branding, communications and strategies for effective campaigns.

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Facebook: Strategic Campaigns

The Independent National Committee

Oct 19, 2017

In this episode, Chrissy and I break down the beginning stages of deciding what to write and how to get started. Chrissy has her sights set on writing her first book about her experiences of growing up in Jamaica to becoming a farmer’s wife in Oregon and everything in between. Listen in as we go explore outlining the structure for her book, next steps, and what the scope of her message for her book could be.

Chrissy is a Web Designer & Branding Strategist for female creative entrepreneurs who are ready to activate their online visibility, make their personal brand shine bright like a diamond, and create beautiful websites that sell.


Connect with her at:

Website -
Facebook -
Instagram - @chrissymarquardt

Oct 12, 2017

In this episode, Dena and I discuss feeling good about our bodies and being aligned with our health goals.  She is currently interested in writing a book based on her own experiences with self-esteem and body positive work.

Dena Kowlaczyk is the owner of Radiant Journey Health Coaching. She helps women create healthy habits for a radiant life. We dive into specifics of how she can incorporate the message of her story and stories of other she’s worked with to create an all encompassing experience for readers. They get to experience her life and her story, but also learn from her expertise as a coach and how she’s helped other with gaining positive body image and body love.

Connect with her at:

Oct 5, 2017

In this episode, I discuss with Jeff how to comfortably incorporate social media into your business in ways that don’t feel overwhelming. As Founder and Chief Strategist of True Voice Media, Jeff designs custom social business strategies to help clients rethink their businesses from the inside-out. Listen in to hear why he feels strongly about his book project and the best ways to leverage a book to boost your business.

Tune-in for ideas how you can reach a bigger audience by incorporating social media into your business.  

Jeff Gibbard is the Founder and Chief Strategist of True Voice Media, a Social Media and Content Marketing Agency in Philadelphia. Throughout his life, Jeff has been equally fascinated by people and technology. His career is the inevitable result of blending his dynamic mixture of passion, curiosity, confidence, and humility. Always a teacher, yet always a student, Jeff guides businesses to understand, appreciate, and capitalize on the two most critical opportunities for success: people and technology. Shareable is the exciting next chapter in the exploration of these two topics.

Learn more about Jeff Gibbard at, connect with him on Twitter: @JGibbard or follow him on Snapchat: jeffgibbard

Jun 6, 2017

In this episode, Carmen and I have a fun time talking about how to support members of a group during a book project. She is an amazing woman who invited other cool people to join her in an accountability circle while they all work on their first book! We cover a ton of foundational issues AND answer some of the questions that her group members wanted her to ask me.

Tune-in and learn how you can facilitate a writing circle, too!

Carmen Reynal is a Leadership and Management Trainer as well as a Culture Change Consultant who founded Creating Greatness LLC, a business dedicated to enabling Leaders to create greatness in the workplace and grow the greatness in their staff.

She has formed a group of first time authors who through a FaceBook group are supporting each other to get their dream book written and/or published.

Connect with her at:

May 31, 2017

In this episode, I talk with Charique Turner Richardson about her book idea. As a business coach, she wants to convey powerful information to her clients without overwhelming them. She knows they are busy, busy, busy! 

This begs the question of all listeners: how can you share your wisdom with your audience when you know that they are on the go? What can you do to meet your reader where they are?

Tune in to see what easy solutions we come up with!


Reach out to Charique and learn more about her coaching:


Let me know if you're ready to go to Costa Rica and BIRTH YOUR BOOK this summer!


Mar 28, 2017

You are going to love Julie! She was DETERMINED to write her book, Get a PhD in You, even when it seemed like she wasn't making any progress. Julie didn't know how to organize her thoughts in a way that made sense to her. One day a friend gave her a tool that changed everything- wait until you hear what it was!

From the beginning, she struggled with organizing her ideas. Julie didn't know how to get her thoughts out of her head and onto the paper in a way that made sense to her. One day a friend gave her a tool that changed everything- wait until you hear what it was!

Please check out Julie, the CEO and Founder at Julie Reisler, and Life Designer at She will light up your life!

Check her out on Facebook, too! Julie Reisler - Life Designer

Buy her book, Get a PhD in You HERE!

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Mar 20, 2017

If you've started a book but you haven't seen it through to completion OR you haven't taken the final step and published the darn thing, this is the episode for you!


Vicki is a business and life coach and she has a ton of super-dooper valuable information to share with the "regular" woman in society. She isn't claiming to be fancy and untouchable like some coaches. Vicki is actually wonderfully down-to-Earth and practical. She's the person who knows where you've been and how to move to a new position in life.


Check out this episode and connect with Vicki on Facebook to learn more about her coaching and her upcoming books.

She's also on Instagram and Twitter @VickiO


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Mar 7, 2017

Tepsii is a Copywriting & Business Teacher for soulful entrepreneurs and she's ready to write her first book...or her first 3-4 books! 

Sometimes we have so many book ideas swirling around in our heads that we don't know how to start, or which idea to tackle first!

Tune-in to hear how Tepsii can organize her content in a way that will lead to a clearly defined brand and an easy-to-market book series.

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Feb 20, 2017

Nikki Tobias wants to start her book, but she doesn't know how to start. Listen in as we get clear on her audience, her book's focus, and how she will organize her information. You can use all of these tips for YOUR book, too!


Dr. Nikki Tobias is a life, career, and ex coach at, reach out to her today!


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